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Paris mayor orders cleanliness blitz

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Monday unveiled a grand plan to clean up the French capital, putting teeth into the campaign by stepping up enforcement operations.

Hungary ready to detain all migrants: ministry

Hungary said Monday it was ready to begin detaining asylum-seekers in camps on its southern border with Serbia after passing a law this month that has drawn criticism from rights groups and the UN.

N. Ireland parties get extra time to solve stalemate

The British government gave Northern Ireland’s main parties extra time to form a power-sharing government after a deadline to resolve their bitter differences expired just two days before the launch of Brexit.

Turks in Germany start voting in Erdogan referendum

Turkish voters in Germany, as deeply split as those in their ancestral homeland, started casting early ballots on Monday in a referendum that could vastly boost President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers.

All jewels recovered from Cartier heist in Monaco

Jewels stolen in an armed robbery at a Cartier store in Monaco have been completely recovered, investigators said Monday, adding that the haul was probably worth millions of euros.