Highly successful Property Buyer Show held at Durban Exhibition Centre

Great fun was had at The Property Buyer Show held at the Durban Exhibition Centre over the weekend. A one-stop shop where prospective homeowners and property investors got the chance to interact with the brands that will help them find the perfect home or investment property.

We took time out to chat to the movers and shakers in the industry to find out what they felt about the property market, the Property Buyer Show, and Caxton and Private Property’s winning partnership:

Grant Gavin from Remax stressed the importance of always dealing with professionals. The importance of real estate agents who know their area cannot be underestimated.

Private Property Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Courtney

Jonathan Acutt from Acutts talked about the importance of dealing with dedicated real estate agents who know the market.

Private Property’s Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Courtney showed off Private Property’s exclusive new app. “It tells you the moment a property hits the market and allows you to be one step ahead of other buyers.”

But it was more than just a meet and greet, with show-goers getting the opportunity to interact with the Caxton and Private Property brands in a fun, innovative way.

Caxton and Private Property – A winning partnership

Business partnerships continue to be a viable solution to achieve business growth and success. Business entities in South Africa have embraced the idea of tapping into other organisations’ historical and operational strengths to avoid duplicating efforts and reaching new audiences and business frontiers with ease.

One business partnership which has hit the market in South Africa is between property giants Private Property and media giants Caxton Publishers.

Private Property started as a ‘for sale by owner’ website, which allowed users to sell their own property on the website. Over a period of time, it has grown into a comprehensive set of property listings from across South Africa. Private Property has earned a glowing reputation as a one-stop shop for all things property in South Africa.

Caxton Publishers, on the other hand, has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest publishers and printers of books, magazines, newspapers and commercial print in South Africa.

Caxton boasts 140 local newspapers with an audited distribution exceeding 3.7 million copies per week, across the nine provinces of South Africa.

Each paper has offices and a dedicated management team and local staff resources within the footprint where they publish, ensuring that all publications’ content is relevant and supportive to local communities.

Together as property experts and media experts, they make a formidable partnership!

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