2016 Readership Survey


Everyone is a winner

Every year we hear the same questions from both those who made it and those who did not.

The questions range from “Who put us in that category?” and “How many people voted for us?” to the all-too-understandable question and most commonly asked “Why did we not win?” Every year we use a lot of expansive word-play to prevent them from feeling hurt. The brutal truth, however, is rather simple: “Your company’s brand recognition is bad.” Does that mean you should shut up shop and get ready for retirement? The answer is no; your business, as it is now, is in no immediate danger. You will keep on trucking, as they say. Businesses will be no better or worse off.

Business synergy

As times change, so does marketing and if you are not the first place a person thinks of when asked about a product or service, they will most likely not use you. Branding is not just about placing adverts in the local newspaper, it is a synergy of advertising, customer service and affordability.

The right boxes

1) If people do not know you exist, why would they shop or utilise your services?

2) If you do not look after your customers like they are gold, they will leave.

3) If you are the most expensive, then – no matter how well you advertise or treat your customers – your days are numbered.

You need to tick at least these three boxes to ensure that you remain on top of the branding bandwagon.

Bad service

People would rather shop at a more expensive store if the service is good than at a cheap store with really bad service.

So what do you need to do?

The key factor is that customers need to know you exist. People these days are more than willing to travel for bargains. But they will only know you have bargains if you advertise. Word of mouth and a social media presence are key to building good customer service. But if nobody knows you exist, how do they find you and how do they know you are cheaper than your competitors? You need to advertise to be relevant! It really is that simple!

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