2017 Readership Survey


The Ladysmith Gazette Readership Survey results are in…

Find out more about the top voted businesses in Ladysmith below.


1st - Best Estate Agents

RE/MAX  Team were the winners in their category, with 42%

Remax Team


Build It - Paint

2nd - Best Paint Shop

Another hardware store with a strong paint presence, Build It have shown they have the range.

Build It


Tile It

1st - Best Tile Shop

Can you do better than 91% of the vote? We seriously doubt it and Tile It clearly shows why they are the winners. This is truly a case of branding dominance.

Tile It


Build IT - Hardware

2nd - Best Hardware Shop

Build It is in the in-between world, catering for both the DIY enthusiast and the professional builder. They realised this is the best spend for their marketing dollar.

Build It


Markus Vieweger

1st - Best Physiotherapist

When you hurt, you need help and skill. Marcus Vieweger is the perfect example of a personal brand. His business cannot be separated from the individual.

Markus Vieweger



1st Best Linen & Home-ware

Sheets, curtains, bedding and other accessories make a house a home. Moosajees is the one-stop shop in this regard that is on everyone’s lips. Votes do not lie and with a staggering 85% of the votes cast, Moosajees was the leader by far.




1st - Best Retail Wholesaler

One has to ask: Does TFS have any real branded competition in town? Year-in / year-out, they win their category hands-down with almost consummate ease. So it is no surprise this year that they have added to their long run of wins. One could almost call it wholesale slaughter if it was not so profoundly true.


1st - Best Glass Fitment Centre

It became clear very early on when marking this category that one name stood out.

Glasfit were just leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. It is not just the lead that is impressive, but the total domination of the category.



Ladysmith Pharmacy

1st - Best Pharmacy

Success is never a bitter pill to swallow and Ladysmith Pharmacy have once again shown they are number one. The team at Ladysmith Pharmacy always treat you not only as a customer but as one of the family.

Ladysmith Pharmacy


Oval Pharmacy

3rd - Best Pharmacy

Coming third in a survey category like this one is no mean feat for Oval Pharmacy.
Like we have said previously, this survey is about brand recognition… And in affairs of health, being a known quantity is a winning formula.

Oval Pharmacy



1st - Best Supermarket

AK’s OK Grocer was the joint winner of the supermarket category, proving it does not really matter where or how small or big your supermarket is. It really is all about customer service.
AK’s achievement cannot be underestimated and it is obvious that a key ingredient in their success is customer service.



Peaches & Cream

1st - Best Bed & Breakfast

This is one of those categories where everyone has a difference of opinion. With over 28 bed & breakfasts featuring in the survey, being the winner is an awesome achievement. Peaches & Cream seem to have ticked all the right boxes with voters, winning this hotly-contested and heavily-voted-for category. They have definitely showed they are the cream of the crop.

Peaches & Cream


Spot On Liquor Store

1st - Best Bottle Store

You would think visiting a bottle store would be just one of those things. But each and every one of them has their own identity and loyal fan base. Top dog among the town’s bottle stores is none other than Spot-On, who, when it comes to selling liquid nectar, are number one.
With 47% of the vote, they did outstandingly well in a tough field.

Spot on Liquors


Henck Lombard

1st Best Financial Planner

In a numbers game, which financial planning undoubtedly is, the winning percentage was 40%. Henck Lombard proved that he is the king of the planners; the financial wunderkind and overall knowledgeable guy when it comes to financial matters. Being number one is a great achievement!

Henck Lombard


Sardiwalla Optometrist

1st - Best Optometrist

Sardiwalla Optometrists secured first place in a clear and concise way.
They obviously have the vision to not just brand themselves well, but to keep an eye on the competition. It is not possible to visibly improve on perfection and even if you look closely, you will find that their marketing strategy is as clear as crystal. Their win is framed by hard work and dedication.

Sardiwalla Optometrist


Harisons Jewellers

1st - Best Jewellers

As we counted these votes, we could literally hear Beyoncé singing “You should have put a ring on it”. Harisons Jewellers is the epitome of class. They exude status, so you do not have to travel thousands of miles to purchase hand-crafted jewellery. With the arena being littered with chain franchises, it is nice to see a homegrown jewellery store at the top.

Harisons Jewellers


Akash,s Driving School

1st - Driving School

Akash Driving School showed why they are teaching the other driving schools a thing or two! They achieved a whopping 68% of the votes. What is worrying is the countless others that did not feature at all. It is one thing to do poorly in a survey of this nature; it is another thing to not feature at all.

Akash’s Driving School


Teds Engen

1st - Best Petrol Station

It would be an understatement to say this was a close call. But in some categories, it is so close! And it is obvious that our readers felt the same way, with a score-card so damn close it was impossible to separate number one and two, and we had to accept that even after numerous recounts we had a tie. This is definitely a case where the brand is people-based more than any other.

Teds Engen


Sarel's Workshop

1st - Best Motor Repair Workshop

Sarel’s Workshop rode the crest of a massive voting wave to secure this coveted title. The also-rans made up a large number in this category, chewing up votes and creating a larger-than-expected difference between first, second and third. That said, it also shows the strength of the top three in being able to stand out from the mob, so to speak.

Sarel’s Workshop



1st - Best College

When it comes to bettering your education, there is only one course of action after school – to study further. Boston College, with a massive 82% of the votes counted, is the clear choice in Ladysmith. They have a campus and all the study aids nearby, and are obviously branding themselves for success. When it comes to marketing, they are not only good at it, but they can teach it as well.

Boston City Campus



1st - Best Takeaway

In a massive category where votes were thrown around like grains of salt, it was indeed a hard task for any business to feature well in this category. The fact that we not only had three doing so well but that we had a winner with more than a couple of per cent margin is fantastic. Barcelos, the official home of Portuguese flavoured chicken, stood out head and shoulders above the competition. Their 8% lead on the competition in other categories would have equalled roughly 50%.



Marks Tyres

1st - Tyre Dealer

When you establish a brand and you put your name on it, and it starts to outshine the products you sell, you know you’re on the right track. Mark’s Tyres could sell any brand of tyre and still be Mark’s Tyres. So strong is the brand that it stands on its own. The fact that it is linked to Dunlop Tyres ironically boosts Dunlop more than anything else. They get to ride along on the Mark’s Tyres branding juggernaut… The perfect business synergy – two strong brands that work well together, neither one overpowering the other.

Marks Tyres


NN Alarms

1st - Best Security Company

Winning any category in a survey is something to aspire to. But in the security industry, where name and reputation are literally everything, winning is the cherry on the top. For NN Alarms, this win reaffirms the leadership role they play in the local security industry. They have remained a constant in a sea of change. As the votes indicate, they have something to be incredibly proud of. Branding excellence resulted in a well-deserved win!

N.N Alarms


Dr Kassim

2nd - Best Doctor

It is not everyone who has established himself with such a strong brand.
Some doctors do not believe they need to establish a brand and rely on word-of-mouth. But lets be honest, a doctor is (by the very definition of what he does) a brand in every sense of the word. His every action is judged, be it the treatment of little Johnny’s cold or the diagnosis of a new patent’s heart condition. If you rely solely on word-of-mouth, you cannot influence the results and you are at the mercy of the whims of social media… Dr Kassim came in a strong second place with 29% of the vote. An impressive feat indeed.

Dr Kassim


Klipriver Bakery

1st - Best Baker

A business that obviously knows which side their bread is buttered on is Klipriver Bakery, who literally took no prisoners in the category. Klipriver’s business is on the rise and they are definitely not loafing around when it comes to marketing. While bigger bakers are in a class of their own at a national level, it looks like they have some hard work to put in when it comes to local brand loyalty. Again, the large number of smaller bakers adding to the mix was a surprise.

Klipriver Bakery



1st - Best New & Used Car Dealer

This is the category that sparks the most debate; not because of who won, but because we all have our favourite vehicles. But all things being equal, Mortimer Toyota were the outright winners in the New / Used Car Dealer category. This is an impressive feat on any given day, and it’s fitting that Toyota should walk away in top spot. No vehicle brand is better known in South Africa, but more importantly, the votes in the majority of cases went to Mortimer Toyota and not just Toyota, which makes it an incredible local branding success.

Mortimer Toyota


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The Ladysmith Gazette Readership Survey results are in...

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