Who remembers the Drive-In?

Who remembers the days when Ladysmith had a Drive-In?

Shepstone Road was the place to be when it came to watching all the new movies. Everyone would pack into the car and zoom over to where the popcorn and silver screen awaited.

Those were the days when people hadn’t heard of DVDs or Blue Ray discs, or the slogan “Entertainment starts at home!” Those were the days when everyone congregated at the ‘open air movie house’ to take in the latest treats from Hollywood, whether they be drama, comedy or horror. It was a real outing for the whole family, and friends!

You could go by car or on foot, with walkers being able to sit in ‘The Shelter’ right up front. People often sprawled on the ground on top of blankets, getting comfortable for the night’s entertainment. Two shows awaited!

Sadly, the Drive-In closed down in the early 90s and has never re-opened. Neither have cinemas taken its place (except for a brief period on the bottom level of the Murchison Mall – remember?).

The older generation will remember a time when Ladysmith supported not one but two cinemas in the CBD, namely Queens and Pendys.

One must ask the question: Do these venues close because no one supports them? Everyone complains about the lack of entertainment in town.

Well, the Drive-In was great fun… and what has taken its place? DVDs in everyone’s living room?

How times have changed!!!

Louisa Deyzel

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