Update: Tragic Transnet crash kills 2 train drivers

Two men were killed and four others injured yesterday afternoon after their Transnet combi rolled off the N11, 30km outside of Ladysmith at the Dundee turn-off.

Emergency services – including police, EMRS, ER24 and Sharaj Ambulance Services – arrived at the scene to find a transport vehicle lying at the bottom of a steep embankment. Occupants from the vehicle were found scattered around the vehicle.

According to an ER24 press release, “Paramedics found two men with no signs of life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for these patients and they were declared dead on scene.”

According to Sharaj Ambulance Services, the vehicle, which was transporting 6 Transnet employees had somehow lost control and rolled down the steep embankment.

The combi was carrying qualified train drivers, one of them being a section manager, when it careened down the embankment. It is believed the drivers, all from Durban, were undergoing training on the Danskraal to Newcastle line.

Four survivors of the horror crash, including a woman, were treated by paramedics. One of them was critically injured.

The injured were stabilised and transported to La Verna Hospital for urgent treatment.

The cause of the collision is not yet known, but police and Transnet officials were on scene carrying out investigations.

All the drivers were from Durban, one of them being a former Ladysmith resident. The deceased have not been officially named, but the former Ladysmith driver’s name has appeared on funeral boards. He has been identified as 30-year-old Nishal Lachman.

The funeral will take place today at 15 Iris Crescent, leaving for the crematorium at 3pm.

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