Update: Official statement from Madlala family

On behalf of the Madlala family, I wish to confirm that, yes, my son was arrested on Tuesday, November 15.

As a law-abiding citizen, I wish to confirm that my son was found not far from the Madlala household in Ezakheni E-Section and he was not armed or hiding from the police.

Editor, however I wish to comment on the article that you have published on your official facebook page/online website, referring to the matter.

As a family, we have appointed a legal representative to attend to the matter on behalf of Mr Ndodo Madlala, who is the accused in the matter.

I further wish to state that, previously, during the time when this incident occurred which he is being accused of committing, my son did present his version to the police who came to question him. At that point, he maintained his innocence and we supported him as a family because we believe that he was not linked to the incident he is being charged for.

Based on the war allegedly between the Gamede and Mabaso families, as the Madlala family we wish to state that we do not support any clan.

As a parent, I am confident that the law will establish the facts linked to the case and pronounce an outcome on the matter.

My husband is the Mayor of Alfred Duma Local Municipality. In light of this fact, Editor, please note that he is however involved in the restoration of peace and tolerance between the two clans. There is no stage where my husband has permitted any of his kids to get involved in that process as well, and it disturbs me and the entire family for his name to be dragged into the media.

Editor, please, I appeal that using the “Mayor” in your headline titles is degrading his image and moreover badly tarnishing the municipality respectively.

My husband is a human being, humble in nature, and has been involved in the restoration of peace. The Mayor is also a law-abiding citizen and he deserves peace, morally and emotionally, in order for him to continue serving the community. He is my husband and negative newspaper headlines do not create that environment for him; it affects him.

My son will be appearing in court on November 23 and we remain confident as the Madlala family that justice will be served.

I hope my submission will find expression in your newspaper.

The above statement was issued and signed by Mrs DD Madlala

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