Local municipality obtains clean audit for 2015/16 financial year

The former Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality, now known as Alfred Duma Local Municipality, obtained a clean audit for the 2015/16 financial year.

Council would like to extend sincere recognition to the ratepayers for the commitment they displayed towards paying for the services that council rendered.

The municipality would like to confirm that during that financial year, there was improvement in the overall performance of municipal employees; there was improvement in the management of municipal finances; and there was improvement in the implementation and completion of service delivery projects.

Collectively, councillors and management were able to comply with principles of good governance, which resulted in improved public accountability.

The former councilors who were elected in 2011, their term ending in 2016, wish to confirm that during their term, the municipality was managed appropriately without any fraud and corruption which could have resulted in council being disbanded.

Cllr Vincent Madlala was the former mayor of Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality and was re-elected as mayor of Alfred Duma Municipality.

Upon receiving the audit report from the Auditor General, the mayor re-confirmed and requested that sound and good principles of governance be maintained so that Alfred Duma Municipality can continue obtaining clean audit results and opinions which are satisfactory to the community of Ladysmith, Steadville, Ezakheni, Ekuvukeni, Uitvaal, Sahlumbe and all other areas within the boundaries of the municipality.

On behalf of council, the mayor, deputy mayor and speaker received and welcomed the audit report and confirmed that they will continue to inculcate the culture of unity, cohesion and tolerance in co-operatively working with municipal management to sustain, maintain and obtain more clean audit reports in the new term, which commenced in August 2016 (local government elections which were won by the African National Congress by an outright majority in the Alfred Duma Municipality).

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