Hospital provides no answers about doc

Editor – More than a month ago, I accompanied a chronically ill patient to Ladysmith Provincial Hospital.

I was shocked to hear a doctor in her professional capacity giving a political indictment (hate speech) on the other side of the curtain to her colleagues in the stretcher room.

The doctor then had the audacity to directly address the patient and say: “So sorry you are white, but you whites have to go back to Europe where you came from to steal our money.’’

I am no racist and I raised my children that we are all created equal, with red blood. This incident was just too much for me…

No patient of any medical institution needs racist treatment of this kind! No patient, not now or in the future, should be bullied politically due to their race, colour or creed, and that in a hospital!

Hospitals are for treating sick patients in need of medical attention and are supposed to be a safe haven, not an arena to play political bully monopoly, and that by a professional person who has taken an oath to care for humankind!

Patients go to public hospitals as their last and only resort. It is imperative that staff at all levels seek to assist and make their lives better by treating them with compassion and dignity. Such shocking indifference must be stamped out. This has to stop here!

I have submitted a formal grievance and have waited for an investigation on this matter for more than a month.

As yet, I have received no formal reply of any kind. (The above-mentioned patient, in need of future medical care, remains anonymous)

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice” – Bryant McGill

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