Update: 1 dead in attempted hijacking

A would-be hijacker was shot dead on Monday night (January 9) after three men attempted to hijack a minibus taxi and rob the driver.

The taxi, which was full of passengers, had stopped at a red robot in Limit Hill when suddenly a vehicle pulled up in front of the minibus and three armed men got out.

They ordered the taxi driver out of his vehicle at gunpoint. While he was being robbed of his cell-phone, another one of the robbers attempted to drive off in the vehicle, but failed in his attempts.

The taxi driver managed to draw his personal firearm and fatally shot one of the assailants. The other two fled the scene, abandoning their vehicle.

No one in the taxi was injured.

Police are investigating a case of attempted hijacking, as well as an inquest docket.

The deceased has not yet been identified and the abandoned vehicle has been impounded for further investigation.


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