Municipality moves to remove unwanted kraal

Residents of Model Kloof are furious about the fact that a cattle farm/kraal has been set up between Model Kloof and Limit Hill, near the pedestrian bridge that runs over the N11 (Newcastle road).

The farm, which doubles as a livestock business called ‘Sizabantu Livestock’, has residents asking why and how a farmer is tending to cattle on a farm in the middle of town.

Furthermore, questions have been directed towards the municipality regarding the fact that the farm could constitute a health and hygiene hazard to the community of Model Kloof and Limit Hill.

“We are very frustrated and angry about the placement of the farm. We cannot have this near our houses, as it serves to devalue our properties, not to mention the terrible smell and all the flies it attracts. We, as the community, have been holding meetings to get the municipality to evict these farmers,” said Model Kloof resident Mr Dlamini.

When contacted, property owner Mr Neil van Rooyen stated that the land the business (Sizabantu Livestock) is run from is not municipal property and is registered as farmland.

“If the municipality designated this land as a farm, then whose problem is it?” asked Mr van Rooyen,

Alfred Duma Local Municipality commented as follows: “The land is privately owned and falls outside the area of the scheme. The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act No. 16 of 2003 allows for farming areas outside the area of Scheme but prohibits development contrary to a municipal Spatial Development Framework (SDF). The SDF designates the area for future mixed use development not agricultural. The owners have been served with notices to cease all operations. It should be noted that the municipality has raised concerns around hygiene, nuisance, illegal/unauthorised construction and land use incompatibility.”

The gist of the municipal response is that the owners of Sizabantu Livestock will have to cease all operations.


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