Breaking News: Water to be back within the next hour

Speedy technicians save the day.

According to Deputy Water Services Manager Glen Singh, the damage at the water plant has been repaired sufficiently for water once again to be pumped from the eZakheni pump station.

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Water is expected to reach low-lying parts of the affected areas first, within the next hour.

Within 2 hours, most other areas will have running tap water, depending on the pressure in the pipes.

However, he warned that the water is likely to be milky in colour due to air in the water system. If the water is left standing for a few seconds, it will become clear.

A cause for concern is the possibility of burst pipes hampering supply. Pipes are likely to burst because of the air and air locks in the water system.

This is a normal side effect when there has been no water in the pipes for some time.

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Saish Motheram

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