Ladysmith house still not repaired after 2012 hailstorm

Valentino Murugan, Mr and Mrs Bujram, and Mrs Hoosen.

The house belonging to Mr and Mrs Bujram is still damaged after the freak hailstorm of December 2012.

The Bujram family live in Willow Drive and have seen numerous other houses in their area being fixed, but up until now, their home has not been repaired.

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Speaking to the family, they say that nobody came to their house and when they spoke to contract workers fixing other homes in the area, they were just told that their home wasn’t on the list to be fixed.

DA councillor Valentino Murugan has tried his very best to help the family by contacting the contract workers and the housing department, but they simply tell him they don’t have the budget to fix the house.

The family say it’s been years now that they are still living with their house covered with tarpaulin so that they have some protection against the elements.

Also read: Residents still suffering after 2012 hailstorm.

The roof is completely gone and when it rains, water comes in from almost everywhere, so they have to put buckets all over the house to stop the water from leaking onto the floors, carpets, lounge suite and even their bed.

Mr Bujram is an asthmatic and a heart patient, and the house fills up with sand and dust coming in from all over. There is also a breeze throughout their home, says Mr Bujram.

The family question why their house has not been fixed, while most of the other homes have been fixed after being damaged in the storm.

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