Update: Ladysmith residents live in fear after numerous house robberies

Robbers gained access through this window

Ladysmith residents in the Tanjore Road area are currently living in fear and are basically on lock-down in their own homes. This comes after numerous house robberies and attempted house robberies that have taken place in Tanjore Road and the surrounding area.

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Speaking to Tanjore Road residents after the latest house robbery in which a 6-year-old child had to watch armed robbers point a gun at his parents while they were asleep, they say they live in fear of the next break-in.

There are many pieces of vacant land with long grass that can be used as hideaways by robbers, as well as places to hide stolen items.

A resident from Tanjore Road says that last October, she had an attempted break-in when she and her family went away on holiday. Luckily nothing was stolen, as the alarm was triggered and the robbers fled the scene.

Residents want answers as to how the area can be made safer and when the grass will be cut.

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Saish Motheram

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