Update: Cyclone Dineo kills 7 as it stays on its predicted path, missing Ladysmith and most of Northern KZN completely

Dineo images from above.

Over 20,000 homes were destroyed in Mozambique, with millions of rands in damage, as Cyclone Dineo hit yesterday.

Dineo has killed seven people and seriously injured 14 others in Mozambique since her arrival on the eastern coast earlier this week, according to Mozambique government sources.

Currently, Dineo is no more, as once a storm is downgraded to a tropical depression, it loses its name.

Ladysmith in Northern KZN was initially plotted to be in the path of the incoming cyclone.

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The earliest predictions had Dineo hitting Northern most KZN hard.

Yesterday however, studying charts and satellite images, meteorologists could finally accurately predict that most of Northern KZN would be spared the full brunt of Cyclone Dineo.

Even when it turned into a tropical storm, its path tracked up through Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Later on, it will be moving into Botswana and ending its stay in Namibia, should current predictions be accurate.

Heavy rain has fallen in Limpopo and up to 200mm in the affected areas.

Emergency services monitored the path of the cyclone, as storms of this nature can change direction.

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