Update: How did emergency services prepare for the predicted path into KZN of Cyclone Dineo?

Cyclone Dineo brought with it heavy wind and rain, which assaulted the affected areas

As soon as Cyclone Dineo made landfall yesterday evening in Mozambique, bringing destruction and terror in its path, KZN emergency services and other national government entities began preparing for the worst.

While extremely strong winds and heavy rain assaulted the affected areas – with roofs blown off, trees uprooted, cars washed away, widespread damage to infrastructure and over 20,000 homes destroyed – “worst case” preparations were being made.

Dineo killed seven people and seriously injured 14 others in Mozambique. Over 170,000 people have been affected by the storm. The death toll may rise.

Emergency services, officials and NGOs in the country are working around the clock to evacuate people in the affected areas.

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In South Africa, a National Joint Operations Centre was created to develop and implement contingency plans should there be a need for them to respond to Mozambique and Swaziland. If need be, they could also respond to affected areas in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and even KZN.

In Limpopo, disaster management practitioners were and are still on alert, monitoring the situation and assisting where needed.

In the KZN province, a follow-up session for the provincial cabinet sub-committee on disaster management (which was also extended to district mayors) was held.

Many areas such as Empangeni, Pongola and even Vryheid received high volumes of rain.

After making landfall, Cyclone Dineo became a tropical storm and from then has been renamed ex-Dineo, as it downgraded but still brought large amounts of rain and strong wind.

Communities in the affected areas were urged to listen to public broadcasters and have the correct precautions in place for Dineo. A warning is still in effect for possible flash flooding as more rainfall is expected.

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