Watch: Huge Mozambique Spitting Cobra snake found at Ladysmith home as it spits venom

Fanie with the cobra

A huge Mozambique Spitting Cobra was found at a house yesterday evening (March 30) in Shepstone Road.

Residents saw the snake in their yard and quickly contacted a Ladysmith Gazette journalist for the number of the snake man in town. The homeowners quickly contacted Fanie Cilliers, who immediately responded to their distress call.

The residents say their Jack Russell dogs spotted and chased the big snake from the front yard towards the house.

The cobra went into a rose tree that was growing against the wall of the house, where it felt it was safe away from the dogs that were jumping up and down, barking.

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Fanie and his wife assessed the situation, and went into the courtyard of the house. They then struggled for quite some time to get the snake out of the rose bush so that the creature would not be injured.

The snake was safely removed unharmed and nobody was injured, even though the cobra did spit venom at the snake catchers.

The cobra is a male of 1.4 metres in length. “By the size of the snake’s belly, it had been eating,” said Fanie.

The homeowners say they have seen the snake for the past two weeks and was chased by meerkats near their house. Next to the house, there is vacant land, which attracts many snakes to the area, posing a risk to residents.

The snake that was safely removed was one of three cobras caught by Fanie for the day in the Ladysmith area.

Fanie says that people must always be vigilant when it comes to snakes and that Mozambique Spitting Cobras can spit accurately for up to 3m in the eyes of a person or pet.

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