4-metre-plus Python snake chases 9-year-old boy up a tree, fleeing for his life near Ladysmith

The massive Python

A massive Python in the Umhlumayo near Ladysmith had a 9-year-old boy fleeing for his life last week.

The large Python was slithering away from a house where it had consumed a live chicken when the boy stumbled upon it.

The snake lunged at the young boy, who was almost bitten in the long grass. He quickly climbed up the nearest tree.

A councillor from the area called snake man Fanie Cilliers, who went out and removed the enormous creature.

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Community members from the area were amazed at the size of the snake and sent us images. The snake measured in at a whopping 4.3 metres.

The young boy was lucky he wasn’t bitten, said members of the community.

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Saish Motheram

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