Watch Video: Mommy, there’s a snake on the stoep – 5.29-metre Python found near Ladysmith

Fanie with residents and the massive Python

An African Rock Python was found last night (April 3) in the Estageni area near Ladysmith.

The snake was spotted by children at the house. When they opened the kitchen door, they saw the snake on their doorstep.

The snake was trying to enter the house so it could get to livestock on the other side of the property. Residents are increasingly taking more security measures to protect their small livestock from snakes, as they ravage the area.

The homeowner did not have the contact details of the snake removal expert, so she contacted a Ladysmith Gazette journalist, who notified Fanie Cilliers and his wife about the massive snake.

Mrs P Dladla and her family kept a watchful eye on the snake so that it wouldn’t get away while Fanie and his wife made their way to the scene.

On arrival, the Python was coiled around an old stove which was right next to the kitchen door. The residents waited with bated breath to see how Fanie would catch the snake.

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It took Fanie and his wife less than a minute to have the snake safely removed and in their control.

The Python was longer than a car and measured a whopping 5.29 metres, with a girth of 110mm.

Mrs Dladla was thanked by Fanie and his wife for conserving a protected species rather than killing it.

Fanie says that an expert should always be called to remove a snake of this size.

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Fanie went on to explain that snakes are in the area due to the rocky and mountainous terrain, and that the area has no natural food source for snakes due to over-hunting. For this reason, this particular Python had to go and hunt domestic livestock.

According to Mrs Dladla, there are no chickens left in a 5km radius of her home, as snakes are eating them all.

The snake will be safely released by Fanie at a local game reserve outside of Ladysmith, away from people and smallholdings.

The game reserve has a sustainable natural food source for big Pythons.

This is the second biggest snake caught by Fanie and his wife in the Alfred Duma District. The biggest was 5.5 metres, which was caught over four years ago by Fanie.

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