Ferobrake now offers truck and trailer service to the community of Ladysmith

Ferobrake Ladysmith is branching into the truck and trailer sector with a new service centre which is situated on 37 Main Road in the Ladysmith Industrail area.
Ferobrake has been trading in Ladysmith for the last 45 years and have tons of experience under their belt.

Expanding into truck and trailer services means Ferobrake won’t only service small vehicles but trucks as well. This is part of their expansion programme as they opened a branch in Estcourt added to their well known Ladysmith branch.

Added to their famous brake and clutch expertise Ferobrake will also repair and/or sell new radiators.

The Ferobrake Heavy Vehicle Workshops are large, well equipped under-roof facilities.
Specialised testing, repair and fitment services are provided for brake and clutch systems on medium and heavy commercial vehicles, including buses, trucks, trailers and agricultural equipment.

Specialist staff are totally familiar with all aspects of these systems. Ongoing training is provided to ensure that they remain up-to-date with the latest developments.

Detailed knowledge of the function and operation of all the individual components in clutch and brake systems provides the workshop with a genuine edge over competitors when diagnosing faulty or inefficient systems.

  • Clutch Installations and Repairs
  • Quality new clutches available for heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Wide range of parts available ex stock.
  • Flywheel machining or replacement
  • Brake Installation and Repairs
  • Truck and trailer brake servicing including checking and replacement of wheel bearings, hubs, seals, s-cams, studs, slack adjusters etc.
  • Repair of faulty air or mechanical suspensions.
  • Fitment of relined heavy-duty brake shoes.
  • New heavy-duty brake shoes available ex-stock.
  • Brake Shoe rollers, pins , s-cams available ex stock.
  • Machining of heavy-duty brake drums and brake discs.
  • Fitment of new brake drums and discs.
  • Air Brake System Design and Installation
  • Supply and installation of air-brake systems for a variety of applications.
  • ABS and EBS designs and installations.
  • Upgrade from old generation systems.
  • Advanced Diagnostics and Testing
  • Mobile Fleet Service Unit fitted with computerised diagnostic equipment.
  • Full testing of truck and trailer fleet braking systems on site including ABS and EBS.
  • Response testing of truck and trailer brake systems.
  • 24 Hour Air-Brake Breakdown Service
  • Fully-equipped vehicles and trained staff on permanent standby.
  • Service available in the greater Northern KZN area.

This is what Ferobrake is offering with their new truck and trailer service centre so go on give them a call and let their world class staff take care of your vehicles needs.

Undoubtedly Ferobrake has evolved from a relatively small town service centre into the best that one can get anywhere in the country.

Saish Motheram

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