Water leaks for months in Iris Crescent, leaving residents angry

Yash and Peter Pandoy show Cllr Warasally the leak

Residents living in Iris Crescent and Daisy Lane are faced with a daily battle of a burst water pipe which has been leaking for almost two months.

Residents say they have contacted uThukela on numerous occasions and the leak has been reported many times, yet nothing gets done about the problem.

Residents add that they are angered by the fact that uThukela always urge people to save water, yet a leak cannot be fixed even after being reported so many times.

“Thousands of litres of clean water is going down the drain and being wasted.”

Yash and Peter Pandoy say that even driving into yards is now difficult, as there’s always water on the road.

Many children play in the area and could easily end up falling into the hole that has been created by the burst pipe.

To add insult to injury, mosquitoes are now breeding in the standing, stagnant water.

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Residents contacted IFP councillor Abbas Warasally to see if he could help them. Cllr Warasally has also reported the leak to uThukela and is amazed by the fact that after the problem was reported, still nothing is done about it.

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Saish Motheram

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