Watch Video: Water sprays out from burst pipe for over 10 days

Cllr Warasally at the burst pipe, spraying like a fountain

Water has been spraying out from a burst pipe for over 10 days in Princess Margaret Street.

Numerous calls and complaints have been made to uThukela, yet nothing has been done and the water keeps on coming out.

“It’s gushing out like a fountain,” said an upset resident.

Residents are angered by the fact that so much water is being wasted and no one seems to care.

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Cllr Abbas Warasally has reported the leak to uThukela and is shocked that this situation is allowed to continue.

The main question being asked by community members is: “Why is water being wasted like this and the problem still hasn’t been fixed after so many days?”

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Saish Motheram

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