Ladysmith believe it or not: When a snake is not a snake, community blames inyanga

File photo of an African Rock Python. This one didn't turn into a rabbit.

What does a snake catcher do when the snake he is trying to find suddenly turns into a rabbit and hops away? Is that a story you would believe? Read on and find out…

Local snake man Fanie Cilliers responded to a snake call yesterday evening (June 5) just outside Ladysmith.

Elandslaagte SAPS contacted Fanie and told him that an African Rock Python had been spotted in the area by community members. Over 30 community members had apparently seen the snake and were following it near a cattle kraal.

When Fanie arrived at the scene with police, community members pointed out to him where they had seen the snake just two minutes before he arrived.

They told him the snake was lurking in nearby long grass…

Fanie checked the area and literally stood on a rabbit which was in the exact spot where the snake had ”apparently” been seen.

The rabbit ran through Fanie’s legs, amid gasps from onlookers who were convinced that black magic was taking place right before their eyes…

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Chattering among themselves, they were convinced that an inyanga (witch doctor) must have taken the form of a snake and when Fanie came to capture the snake, it had miraculously turned into a rabbit and got away.

Fanie, together with police, searched the entire valley and there was clearly no sign of a snake in the area.

After searching and finding nothing, a bemused Fanie cannot help but wonder about how certain the bystanders were that the snake had turned into a rabbit.

This is the first time Fanie has had an experience like this… He added that on a previous occasion, a man told him that he had been cursed as eight African Rock Pythons were found at his home near Ezakheni. However, he indeed found snakes at that particular home.

But in this case, he is baffled and chalks it up to the community wanting to believe there was a snake, despite the only thing seen was a rabbit.

What do you think?

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Saish Motheram

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