8-year-old watches as granddad is assaulted in Ladysmith

Mr Maistry shows the stab wound to his back

58-year-old Mr Charlie Maistry from Freesia Road, Acaciavale, is still traumatised after being assaulted and stabbed in his tuck shop on Saturday.

Mr Maistry is always willing to help people and was shocked by what happened over the weekend.

The elderly man who is blind in his right eye told the Ladysmith Gazette about his ordeal.

He was alone in his recently established tuck shop, which is in his garage. He has a burglar guard gate so that no one can get into his garage unless someone presses the remote to open the gate.

That morning, his eight-year-old grandson was playing outside and was sitting on the precast wall while his grandfather was in the tuck shop. He says that a man who is a regular customer approached him and handed him R25, asking for bread and polony.

Mr Maistry says he had just entered the tuck shop when the customer arrived. As he turned and pressed the remote control to close the gate and get the food items, two men were behind him.

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One of them was pointing a firearm at him. When he looked for the other man who wanted the bread and polony, he was nowhere to be seen. A fist fight ensued and one of the men stabbed Mr Maistry in the back with a knife.

His terrified grandson, who saw everything, ran to the neighbours’ house to get help.

In excruciating pain, Mr Maistry managed to trap the robbers in a corner by pushing a trailer onto them. His domestic worker came into the garage after hearing the commotion and he ordered her not to open the gate. She went back inside the house.

Mr Maistry was shocked when his garage door mysteriously opened, letting one of the robbers escape.

The other robber pushed his way out from behind the trailer and also escaped.

Neighbours rushed to Mr Maistry’s aid.

Police and ambulance services responded to help the elderly man.

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Update: 8-year-old watches as granddad is assaulted in Ladysmith