Watch: 8-year-old boy bitten by snake at primary school in Ladysmith

The snake that latched onto the boy's finger

An eight-year-old boy was bitten by a snake this morning (October 10) at a local primary school in Ladysmith.

The boy saw the snake in the school premises and picked it up, not realising the danger.

The snake reacted by biting him on one of his fingers.

Teachers immediately contacted local snake expert Fanie Cilliers to come to the school so that the snake could be identified.

Fanie responded to the scene and quickly assessed the situation.

The snake was identified as a Brown House Snake, which is not venomous. This means that nothing will happen if a person is bitten.

The young boy was shaken up by the ordeal and was in shock, with tears in his eyes.

It was later told to Fanie that the boy picked up the snake because he wanted to take it home with him.

Fanie and his wife Melissa spoke to the boy and assured him that he will be fine.

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Fanie also spoke to the boy and a teacher at the school about precautionary measures when it comes to snakes. He said that children must stay far away from snakes, not touch them and call a teacher immediately.

The boy was taken home by his father after his traumatic encounter with the snake.

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