Guards keep back vigilantes in Ladysmith

Security officers Albert Maphalala and Siboniso Kubheka are a "mean" crime-fighting team

Chubb Security’s Albert Maphalala and Siboniso Kubheka were one of the response units that helped with the arrest of two suspects who were caught in Diamana Road recently.

They told the Ladysmith Gazette that they received a panic button alert from the control room that someone was in one of their client’s yards.

They immediately responded and found two suspects along with an angry mob.

The mob had gathered to dish out street justice. Both security officers had to keep the suspects close to them, as the mob wanted to assault them. The suspects were found hiding on vacant land.

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The furious residents were intent on beating up the alleged robbers, with the guards having to keep the situation under control and the suspects out of harm’s way until police arrived.

The duo say they are determined to clamp down on crime and make sure they are in control of any given situation.

The men were arrested by police officers when they arrived.

The mob that had gathered slowly dispersed after police arrived.

The suspects have since appeared in the Ladysmith Magistrate’s Court, facing charges of robbery with a firearm.

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