Watch: Sewage floods yard in Victoria Street, Ladysmith

The sewer water flowing at the home in Victoria Street

Mr and Mrs Röder are unhappy after sewage flooded their yard in Victoria Street last week.

On Monday last week, the homeowners had sewer water flowing like a river from their home into their yard. The problem was evidently due to a blockage in the main sewer pipelines outside their home.

Then again on Friday morning, they were hit by the same problem.

This time, the flooding continued all day long.

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Speaking to the homeowners, they say they contacted uThukela numerous times and even their ward councillor, but nothing was done to help them.

The couple say they only received help from uThukela on Friday night, 12 hours later.

Burst water pipes and overflowing sewage seems to have been plaguing the town lately, with people saying they get no help when they call for assistance.

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Saish Motheram

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