Watch: MEC Kaunda walks fearlessly through taxi rank in Ladysmith

MEC Kaunda speaks to the taxi drivers at the taxi rank

The sight of empty taxi ranks throughout Ladysmith, and roads with hardly any traffic, was the order of this morning (December 7).

Empty taxi ranks with hardly any people were seen all over Ladysmith.

The Ladysmith taxi rank had only a few taxis for long-distance routes (Bergville, Durban and Estcourt) that were not affected by the ban on taxis in the Ladysmith area.

MEC for Transport, Community Safety & Liaison Mr Mxolisi Kaunda made an appearance at the taxi rank this morning, walking fearlessly through the area.

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He spoke to the people who were there and handed out pamphlets explaining what is going on in the area concerning the ban on taxi operations.

Speaking to people who have shops around the taxi rank, they said that everything is quiet and they won’t have any business today.

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Taxi drivers say this will affect the economy, as nobody is making use of the taxis.

A large police presence was at the rank this morning while the MEC and his contingent made their appearance.

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