A-Z Career Guide

Grade 10 is coming up and you need to chose subjects…. Matric is almost overWhat are you going to become ???

See below some career ideas. Click the clients to find out more.

A-Z Career Guide
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Some more career options:

A – Accountant       B – Beauty Therapist      C – Certified Financial Planner      D – Debtors Clerk      E – Eye Specialist      F – Financial Advisor      G – General Practitioner

H – Hairdresser      I – IT Administrator      J – Jeweler      K – Kindergarten Teacher       L – Lawyer      M – Make-up Artist      N – Nature Conservator      O – Obstetrician

P – Painter      Q – Quality Control Inspector     R – Radiator Specialist      S – Singer      T – Take Away Owner      U – Ultra Sound Technician      V – Veterinarian

W – Wireless Technician      X – X-Ray Specialist      Y – Youth Leader      Z – Zoologist

There is so much out there to do. You just have to be prepared to work for it. Find your passion, research it and reach for your dream job.

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